Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing

Expert cabinet refinishing for 80% LESS THAN THE COST OF NEW!

Cabinet refinishing has become a popular affordable alternative to a complete cabinet removal and replacement. As long as the current boxes and frames are in good shape then the Grant Painting Group can help clients create an amazing new look in their kitchen or bathroom at a fraction of the cost, time, and inconvenience associated with a normal kitchen renovation. 

Our refinishing process has been developed over decades and is completed by our expert painters in a professional refinishing shop which includes a properly equipped spray booth. We only work with top quality Sherwin Williams finishing products that meet the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association guidelines and that provide a hard durable chip resistant factory like finish which will withstand the test of time.

The Process

  • Cabinet doors and drawer fronts are removed and taken to our professional finishing shop equipped with a spray booth where they are re-finished.
  • All surfaces such as doors, drawer fronts, moldings, and bases are cleaned with a degreaser such as TSP.
  • All Surfaces are then scuff sanded with 120 - 150 grit sandpaper and wiped and vacuumed clean.
  • One or two coats of primer are then applied. The type and number of coats of primer are determined by the substrate that we are working with.
  • The surface is again sanded using 220 grit sandpaper and again cleaned and vacuumed prior to applying the first finish coat.
  • The first coat of finish is applied and the surface is again sanded. 400 grit sandpaper is used this time in order to prevent any sort of scratching on the finish coats.
  • The surface is again cleaned and vacuumed
  • The second coat of finish is applied (a third coat if necessary) and the doors are left to cure for five to seven days before being re-installed.


Choose the package that best suits your requirements

Bronze Package

The bronze package is our most popular package and the most affordable way of refinishing your kitchen cabinets. This package is designed for the DIY client. It is not necessary however to have a great deal of refinishing experience as we provide all of our clients with detailed easy to follow step by step instructions to help assist them with this option and we are always available by email or phone should they require any assistance. The bronze package includes:

  • The client removing all doors and drawer fronts on their own and preparing them for pick up by labeling them and removing the hardware.
  • The pick up of the doors and drawers from the client and re-finishing at our professional finishing shop according to the client's specifications.
  • The client is provided with all instructions, material, and tools necessary for them to complete their cabinet boxes on their own.
  • The return delivery of the client's doors and drawers which the client then re-installs on their own.

This is our most popular option as most kitchens are mostly made up of door and drawer fronts with minimal other areas exposed thus making it very easy for the client to complete the cabinet boxes on their own and re-finish their kitchen cabinets in an affordable and efficient manner.

Silver Package

The silver package is also designed to be affordable and minimize the cost to the client and includes:

  • Client removes all doors and drawer fronts and gets them ready for pick up by removing hardware and labeling them.
  • Doors and drawer fronts are picked up by us and re-finished at our professional finishing shop according to the client's specifications.
  • Cabinet boxes are completed by us in client's home by brush & roller.
  • All doors and drawer fronts are returned and client re-installs them.

Gold Package

The gold package is designed for clients that are looking for a complete full service option. The gold package includes:

  • Removal of all door and drawer fronts.
  • Doors and drawer fronts being re-finished at our professional finishing shop according to the client's specifications.
  • Cabinet boxes being sprayed on site.
  • Re-installation of all doors and drawer fronts.