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Painting house before New Year

December 13, 2018

We get asked from time to time "Is there time to paint my (…) room before the new year?" 


Of course that depends on when the question is asked, size and location of the job etc.  In most cases we can accommodate any kind of house painting request, but obviously there are times when... well, TIME itself is against us.


So we went looking online to see if there were any results to the query, and we found this post from a painting company in Singapore.  Believe it or not, they list SIXTEEN (16) reasons to paint your house before New Year!  I could not imagine how anyone could come up with 16 reasons to paint a house before New Year so of course I had to check it out.


Here are a couple of reasons... remember this is a painting company in Singapore:


v. Painting the house before New Year attracts Good luck: It is believed that by painting the house before New Year ushers in good luck into the home and family. Making the decision to paint your home therefore serves as a guarantee to welcome the New Year with renewed hope since besides simply illuminating the house, the new paint ill also illuminate your life


vii. Painting the house before new year helps throw away bad spirits Painting the house before New Year has also been found to help throw away and spirits. This is because the process of painting will help drive out bad spirits from their abode as a result allowing you to make it through the coming year peacefully.


For all 16 reasons to paint your house before New Year, here is the link:



In all seriousness, if you really want to know if you can get your house spruced up before New Year rolls around, contact the company that has been updating homes in the Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville area for 40 years!









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