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Top 7 Reasons to Hire a  Professional Painting Contractor

April 26, 2017

Some homeowners believe that painting a house or a room in a house is not difficult.  Many believe they can achieve the same results as a professional painting contractor.  At Grant Painting Group we believe there are very good reasons why we have been in business in Hamilton, Oakville and Burlington for over 35 years.  Here are some reasons to consider us for your next painting project:


Painting a home, whether it is interior or exterior, is much more than just changing the colour.  Anyone can go and buy some paint and a roller or brush and change the colour of a room.  What any homeowner should be more concerned with is increasing the value of their home, even if they have no intention of selling at the time they are considering painting.  It takes experience to achieve that results in an even coat and clean, crisp lines.  In the same way that most homeowners could not repair their car, they should not fool themselves into thinking they can get professional results when it comes to painting their home.


Grant Painting Group is very experienced in both interior and exterior painting and our over 35 years' experience in Hamilton, Oakville and Burlington is a testament to the quality of our work. Experience has taught us a lot... what tools work best, what types of paint to use for primer, base coat, first coat.  Whether the finish should be eggshell, semi-gloss, flat or gloss. Obviously there are many factors that go into a house painting project.


Grant Painting Group offers a full 2 year warranty on their work.  If you are not satisfied with our work, we will make it right... PERIOD!
Suffice it to say there is no warranty if you do the job yourself, or if a buddy's cousin does it for you.  If you are not satisfied with the finished product in that case you only have one choice... do it again.


Grant Painting Group are trained to look for maintenance issues that an inexperienced painter may not even know exists.  Problems like crumbling glaze, loose caulking around trim, cracks and dents are issues that our painters are trained to look for and repair before painting.  Ask anyone that has painted a wall and not repaired holes and dents what the finished product looks like.  Very unsatisfactory.


Grant Painting Group has insurance that covers not only the property but the workers.  Not important?  You bet it is.  Just imagine what would happen if a homeowner or worse still, a FRIEND of a homeowner, fell from a ladder that was not securely positioned while painting a second floor gable.  You do not even want to go there.  


House painting requires way more than just a brush or roller no matter if the job is interior or exterior.  Grant Painting Group uses professional grade tools and they are specific to whatever job they are working on.  To paint your house, paint is only the beginning... you would also need tape measure,  rollers, small edging brushes, larger brushes, scrapers, steel brushes, sandpaper,  ladders, drop cloths, paint buckets, painter’s tape, for starters.  And for sure you would be constantly discovering equipment that you do not have and that would probably require ANOTHER trip to the paint supply store! 


Grant Painting Group has partnered with Natalie Kurjancic to provide our clients with unparalleled consultation for choosing paint colours in their decorating projects.  Whether you are a homeowner, a business owner or contractor, whether your project is interior or exterior, you will receive the benefit of Natalie's almost 20 years' experience in design.  This service is available at no extra charge to our clients.


At the end of the day, we believe that hiring Grant Painting Group for any interior or exterior painting, kitchen cabinet refinishing, staircase, deck, fence... whatever the project, is fantastic value for your money.  Contact us for your next project and take advantage of our experience!





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