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Surviving a Major Home Reno Project

February 13, 2015

There are many survival guides that offer tips on how to survive a home renovation project.  If you have lived through one yourself, you know what I am talking about.  If you have NOT ever completed a major home renovation project, here is our take on the best way to cope:


The following four points are true whether you are doing your own home renovation project or you have professionals doing it for you.  Living in a home renovation disaster is the same!


1.  First of all, the best strategy would be to MOVE OUT while the reno is going on!  Not having to worry about cleaning as you go, putting tools away, re-arranging living spaces daily to accommodate family members would be so much easier if you had a place to stay until the reno was completed.  But we realize that unless you tripped over a big lottery win, moving out may not be an option.  


But here is something you may not have thought of:  

A lot of major home renovation jobs occur upon change of ownership, meaning when a house that is not a new build is purchased.  Historically that triggers some rather large renovation projects as the new homeowner adapts the property to his or her tastes, room arrangements, colour pallets etc.  For not much more than a couple of hundred bucks, you may be able to bridge finance the new house to provide a few weeks or a month to do those renovations while not moving from your existing living arrangement.  Obviously the situation must be favourable, meaning the new house cannot be too far from the old, so that travelling to and from can be done relatively easily.  But we have witnessed first hand how people have bridged their new home, completed major renovations, then moved in when the renos were done, and believe me, the stress level was mimimal compared to.  This could also work if you are moving from a rental arrangement to a new home.  Paying that extra month's rent may be well worth it if you plan to do a major reno on your new home.


2.  Assuming that you are like the vast majority of homeowners that do major renovation projects while still living in the home, we think the most important thing you can do is clean often, and especially clean the dust.  Dusting and vaccuuming often will not cut it when the opposition is plaster dust.  No matter what you do, those minute particles are airborne and they will leave a dusty layer of white sediment over every space in your home... even in rooms that are not part of the reno.  


Here is a tip:  hang plastic sheeting in doorways where the reno is being done, and make a flap so that people can pass through relatively easily.  This will cut down on the collateral dust problem throughout the entire home.


3.  Plan your meals. You still have to eat during home renos, and this becomes a bit more complicated the more family members you have at the feeding trough.  You may want to consider planning some meals with friends or relatives or finding a good restaurant the does not have a dress code (having to dress for dinner after working on home renovations can get old fast).  


Here's another tip:  

If you plan for the reno project in advance, add some home cooked meals to the agenda. Cooking a big pot of spaghetti sauce or chili that can be portioned off and frozen can take a lot of the heat off during the reno.  Nuking the frozen meal in the microwave is a lot easier than cooking over a stove with drywall dust getting into everything.  Plus you can move the microwave anywhere so a back bedroom can be the kitchen if necessary.


4.  Have a clean, quiet space that you can retreat to after a hard day's work.  If you are doing a major home reno project, IT CAN GET TO YOU!  You will get sick and tired of the dust, the clutter, the upheaval in your life.  So it is a good idea to have a place in your home where you can go and read, watch the tube, have a tea, play with your children, that is away from the havoc.  A few hours away will regenerate you for the ongoing project.


So, that is our four point list... there are many more, but we think if you adhere to these your project will be at least tolerable.  


If you would like to make Grant Painting Group part of that major home renovation, contact us any time.  We would be glad to offer our expertise to your project!


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