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Why does paint fail?

January 20, 2015

Whether through poor application or normal wear and tear, a host of factors can cause paint to fail. Whether it is improper application or just plain wear and tear, there are any number of reasons why paint will fail. One of the easiest ways to determine why paint has failed is to look at the symptoms.   Here are three things to look at that could point you in the right direction:


Poor Surface Preparation


As Glinda, the good witch of the east told Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, "Let's start at the beginning."  Good surface preparation is the first critical step to insure a good paint job.  If the surface is not properly prepared, paint can lose its adhesion over time, and the paint could bubble or even peel off in strips.  


So what do you remove when you clean off the surface?  Obviously the things you would notice are dust and dirt.  But there are other nasty things like chemicals (perhaps from spray cans) and pollen that could cause paint to peel.  


At Grant Painting Group, it is our job to know how to clean paint surfaces and what to use to get the job done.



Improper Application


Have you ever seen a painted surface with visible brush marks or an unintentional textured pattern on the surface?  That can be caused by a couple of reasons:

  • Applying paint with poor quality brushes

  • Using incorrect brush for the paint type

  • Poor brushing techniques

  • Application of poor quality paints





Sometimes bubbles will form shortly after a paint job, and this is usually caused by painting over a surface that is damp or has moisture trapped within.  For example, painting too soon after an overnight dew or rain, or in an area of high humidity.  


Plywood would be a surface that is particularly vulnerable to excessive moisture. 

We at Grant Painting Group have the experience to recognize the danger of moisture on a surface.  Why take the chance of having to do the work over again?


For high-quality interior and exterior painting in Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville and surrounding areas, contact us any time.  We will use all of our experience to give you the best results possible for your painting requirements.



Take advantage of our expertise! 




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