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Should you paint wooden floors?

December 12, 2014

One decorating idea that stirs up a ton of controversy is... PAINTING WOODEN FLOORS!  Since we at Grant Painting Group don't have a dog in the fight... meaning we don't have an opinion one way or the other, we thought we would present some information on the subject.


First of all, it occurs to us that one story we hear a lot is this:  A person, or people, or family... whatever the case may be... SOMEONE buys an older home.  They are full of "new home adrenalin" and if it has wooden floors, one of the first things they do is undertake to do is refinish them.  You rarely hear about someone buying a new home with hardwood floors and painting them.  But a lot of older homes do have painted floors, so somebody at some time made that decision.  There must be reasons why they did that.


Here are a couple:

  • It is much less work and expense to paint a floor than to strip it down to bare wood and refinish.

  • It takes less time

  • If the home is going to be heavily used, with a lot of people, pets, maybe a student rental, it might seem like a good idea to just paint the floors until such time as the over taxation situation has run its course.

  • Some people choose to paint rather than carpet simply because of the cleanliness factor.  Let's face it, it is a lot easier to clean and disinfect a painted floor than carpet.

  • Painted floor is a great way to brighten up a dark room.

  • If a wooden floor is in really bad shape, like the one pictured below, painting could be the only way to make it look presentable short of replacing it.



If you would like our expert advise on painting your wood floor, or for that matter, on any painting project, contact us.  Take advantage of our experience!






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