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Different Strokes for Different (RICH) Folks

June 21, 2014

OK I am the first to admit I do not know much about art, and I am probably in the majority in Canada.  


When I saw this article I wished I would have taken up oil painting instead of house painting.


Over the years I have seen stories about what people pay for seemingly simple paintings, and it astounds me.  But the painting pictured here by Scottish artist Peter Doing of a tunnel along the Don Valley Parkway in Toronto takes the cake.


It is set to go to auction June 30 at Sotheby's and it is expected to sell in the $16 Million range.  


ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  It looks like something a 3rd grader would paint.  Who would pay $16 million for THAT?  


To put it in perspective, here are some things one could buy right now for $16 Million:


Michael Jordan's home


Sheryl Crowe's home


Island in Bahamas


Luxury Yacht 155'


OK these are in US dollars but I am sure you could negotiate!


Seriously, think of all the good one could do in the world for $16 Million.  Imagine how many children you could save, jobs you could create, how many lives you could change with $16 Million.  


OR... you could buy a painting that looks like it was painted by a child.


As Paulie on the Sopranos used to say, "Not for nothin' but I'm just sayin' "




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