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What colour should you paint your house?

May 21, 2014

As Glinda, the Good Witch of the North said in the Wizard of Oz:

"Its always best to start at the beginning..."


If your house needs painting, or if you just want to give it a fresh new look, the first question you have to answer is "What colour should I paint my house?"

A lot of times, people will just try and match the existing colour as best they can.  I guess it is just easy to maintain the status quo.  After all, if you were happy with the house colour before, you should be really happy if you get a fresh update of the same colour.  Makes sense.


But why not at least investigate some alternatives?  I am not suggesting pushing the envelope to the extreme... like the polka dot house you see in the image.  But what if there was a way to see your house in a different colour before you make the choice?


Here is some good advice from the experienced painters at Grant Painting Group:


Step One

There are tons of websites that offer advice, and we recommend putting a bit of time reading and studying some of these.  This can give you a great foundation for selecting colours and even eliminating some.  Here are some great online resources:


Better Homes and Gardens


Benjamin Moore





Step Two

Now that you have narrowed your choices and eliminated some as well, it is time to put the rubber to the road.  You are going to make a decision and it has to be right... I mean, this is a decision you will have to live with for 10 - 20 years.  OR, heaven forbid, you would have to RE-PAINT!  That would be horrible, wouldn't it?


But as luck would have it, technology can save you making a mistake.  There are some fantastic softwares now that will allow you to see your house in any combination of colours you want before you make the final decision.  Ain't technology grand?


Here are some to take a look at:

Chip It!™ by Sherwin-Williams.  Do you have some pictures that you absolutely love?  You know, home pictures, vacation pictures... Have you ever thought about creating a custom palette using your pictures?  Well now you can with the Chip It.


Colour Visualizer by Sherwin-Williams.  Take photos of your home and use the Color Visualizer to change the colour with a mouseclick.


The Colour Sense Game™ by Pittsburgh Paints.  Want to know what colours best suit your style, personality, what colours are for you?  Just anser a few simple questions and the Color Sense Game will tell you!  Some may think it is a bit cheesy, but hey, try it.


As you can see, combining a bit of research with some new, digital tools that are available at your fingertips will give you new perspective, arm you with knowledge and expand your horizons.  Take all you have learned and call Grant Painting Group because the one thing you now need is experience, and you can rest assured we have that in spades.  


Your knowledge + our experience = TOTAL SATISFACTION




The Grant Painting Group is a family run business that has been painting for three generations.


Adam Grant was a professional painter for decades and passed the family tradition along to his son Gerard Grant.


Gerard has been a professional painter for thirty two years now and leads a crew of experienced master painters that all have many years of decorating experience.


Several family members, including Gerard’s brother and son, also work in the business.


If you are in need of a:

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We would be honoured to add you to our long list of satisfied customers.  Contact us any time!



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