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How much do you charge?

March 24, 2014

We at Grant Painting Group occasionally get asked this question, and it is a bit tricky to answer sometimes.  The reason is it is not easy to give a short, one sentence answer.  

Just as you cannot drive onto a car lot and ask the salesman, "How much is a car?" because the answer is obvious, you cannot just ask that quesiton of a painting contractor.

Even if you were to ask "How much do you charge per hour?" you should not expect to get the information you need to make an informed decision.

Here is why:

The answer to the first question depends on many factors.  Do you want a compact, full size, SUV?  What will the useage be?  What options do you want?  Do you want gas, diesel or electric?  

OK you already knew that...

But the second question has ambiguities as well.  If you ask how much a contractor charges per hour with the intention of taking the least expensive quote, there is a very good chance your expectations will not be met.  

If one contractor charges half the price of another contractor but takes twice as long to complete the project, the price then becomes the same.

And if a contractor charges less but does not have quality references, chances are you may have to have the job done a second time.  Where is the cost savings in that case?

We at Grant Painting Group have been providing quality painting services for commercial and residential customers for over 30 years.  If we did not provide a quality service at a fair price, we would not be in business today.

You can read our policy on pricing here.

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